Aloha Massage

Allow yourself a mini vacation

let go - relax, be transported to an inner paradise!

We offer; Affordable -- Convenient - Quality - Experience

Sacred Lomi Lomi -- Spirit of aloha - long smooth circular movements with forearms Wholistic Massage -- incorporates all aspects body/mind/soul

Swedish Massage -- massage squeezing the muscles to relax & improve circulation

Shiatsu -- points stimulated with thumb pressure

Reflexology -- massage to reflex points on feet, hands & ears

Deep Tissue -- deeper levels of the muscle belly, moving out tension & stress

Lymphatic Drainage -- moving the lymph fluid, revitalize the immune system

Yoga/Qigong -- ancient gentle therapeutic movements for body, mind, soul

Holistic Iridology -- analysis of inherent and acquired health levels

Wholistic Health Coaching -- help you to greater health & prevention of dis-ease.

Greg Boster, LMT - Call or Txt for apt.

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